Photo Collage Ideas

Photo Collage Ideas:

With your photos and Photo Collage Maker, there is unlimited potential for variety! Get started by designing a FREE Facebook Cover or preserve the photos from your latest vacation in an album. Make a collage to hang on a wall or create a slide show for a digital frame. Whatever you decide to do with your photos in you can be sure that it will “WOW!” your family and friends!

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Photo Collage Themes

6 Family Portrait Photo CollageFamily Portraits & Snapshots is a great way to display multiple portraits or snapshots of family and friends.



Special Occasions

As photo enthusiasts, our fingers go a little “crazy” when special occasions arrive. Cropdog™ is a great way to fit MANY photos together – so you don’t have to set aside any of the shots you love!


BuschGardens2013page3image1379683385-1Travel & Vacations

Whether you’ve just taken the trip of a lifetime or gone back to your favorite “watering hole”, trips and vacations are memories worth preserving. will help you put your images together with style!

New Orleans 2013page7image1375485649Photo Collections – 

If you have a collection of photos, or photos of a collection,’s designer templates will help you fit a variety of images together and turn them into “photo art!” has Photo Collage Sizes for…

4x6 postcardspage2image1388872686-1Greetings & Postcards

With’s 4×6 and 5×7 templates, you can easily create beautiful collage greetings that include multiple images of your latest adventures!

Greeting sizes are a wonderful way to send invitations or make announcements such as: a new arrival in the family, engagements, graduations, or birthdays. Make as many as you want and print as many as you need!



12×12, 8×8, 8.5×11, and more! No need to make an entire book in one sitting – photo collage maker has great templates to create your individual scrapbook pages.

1391619765_1_image1379607222Wrapped Canvas Art

Designer templates from will help you fit a variety of images together and turn them into “photo art!”


Digital Frames 

Digital frames are a great way to display many photos in a frame. With a series of great photo collages, you can show off your creativity, and more images, on each slide view!

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