Facebook Cover Designs Inspired by the Big Apple

Inspired during a trip to New York City,  I came home excited to design three new Facebook cover collage templates for Cropdog.com.


This three image pattern (see image above) was the first in the series. (Example with photos below.)


The new 3 image template offers a design that was carried forward into the 11, and 15 image patterns. The 11 and 15 image patterns have “thumbnail spots” to add little details into your designs. The 15 image design is a great option when you have a variety of both portrait and landscape oriented shots you’d like to show.

(See 15 image pattern below.)


I took a lot of snapshots while we were in NYC – the 15 image pattern (above) was a great way to fit them together (Example with photos at the top of page.)

See 11 image pattern below:


You will find our new Facebook Cover designs in the Cropdog pattern sections for 3 images, 11 images, or 15 images.

We hope you will enjoy using one or more of these designs to create a new cover for your Facebook page.


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