Saying “I Do” to Wedding Photo Collages

Wedding Photo Collage

Weddings are one of friendliest events for photo enthusiasts. It is a great opportunity to get camera experience as you help capture the things that many professional wedding photographers don’t have time to. Take pictures of the flowers,  decorations, and the food from multiple angles. Snap shots of the flower girl(s) and wedding party while they aren’t being posed by the hired photographer. Take pictures of the guests chatting at the reception. Let the professionals get all those important formal shots. Your photos will bring back cherished memories with all the details that might have been forgotten.

Wedding Photo Collage Tips:

1. When it is possible, let the “outdoors” into the wedding shots. The seasons are a friend to the camera and to wedding memory pages.  2. You’ll want to remember everyone who came to help you celebrate; so, create enough pages to include everyone, or find a template that allows you to include all the people that attended the celebration. (BIG wedding – look for templates with lots of thumbnail spots) 3. Using the same background color for all your pages will give them a unified look. Want more color? Consider creating different background colors for different parts of the wedding. Example: The rehearsal, the ceremony, and the reception could each have a unique background color.


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